Concrete costs can vary quite a bit with so many different options, finishes and project sizes. The first thing you will need to know is how many square feet of area you are wanting. All concrete bids are based on the size of the area. If you are removing concrete or installing concrete or any type of concrete coating, you will need an idea of the size of area. This is very easy to calculate. ( L x W = SF ) Length of the concrete area  multiplied by the width of the concrete area equals your square feet of concrete. This format (sf) square feet, is not only useful information to the contractor but also to the homeowner (so that you know you are not being estimated for  more square foot than you actually have).

To be a profitable company there must be a minimum price point for a job. Otherwise if a price was $5 per sf, and someone had a 10'x10' patio (100sf) they would assume or estimate that it would cost them only (100sf x $5) or $500. You cannot even get a concrete delivery truck to deliver that small of an amount of concrete for much less than that. Therefore it would not be enough money to pay for the labor of install, dig out of the area, setting up of the concrete forms and reinforcement etc.... Now that you have a little know how about the price estimation process let me give you some basic prices below that you may use to give you an idea of the range of what you may be spending. 

Standard concrete install ---------- Minimum of $2500 ----- $5 - 6 per sf.

Stamped concrete install ---------- Minimum of $3500 ----- $9 - 10 per sf.

Spray deck concrete coating ----- Minimum of $1750 ----- $3 - 4 per sf.

Overlay Stamp coating install ----- Minimum of $2000 ----- $7 - 8 per sf.

Red Cedar Pergola install ---------- Minimum of $1700 ----- $17 - 35 per sf.

Of course these are just to give you an idea so you may begin to estimate the costs on your project. There are many many more line items such as borders, steps and walls, different patterns, different cedar sizes and finishes etc... I did have a complete price sheet listed however most people had no idea how to read it.  Feel free to give us a call or email on any questions you may have. Information is free!


 You can get an idea by reading below.