Concrete Stamping

At Beautiful Concrete of Texas we use proline texturing mats, stamps and seamless skins that render the most natural and life-like results possible. The decorative concrete stamp examples below are all available patterns and textures. Medallion decorative concrete stamps can be included as a center piece design for any stamped concrete project. Another popular favorite is to do a border around your patio. From a simple 12" tooled border to decorative border art, it is a very unique custom look even beyond that of just a decorative surface and makes any decorative concrete project really stand out!!

Beautiful Concrete of Texas uses Davis Colors integral color powders and Proline integral color powders. Both offer bold and intense premium colors, standard colors that add less than a dollar a square foot, and subtle colors for any budget. The customer has the option to choose from multiple color pallets during the free estimate meeting with our representative. As well as the textures shown below there are many other options such as border art, custom order stamp patterns or custom cut and coloring of almost any design that you can show us an example or picture of. To help you choose a color and pattern with we have provided links below to both manufacturers where you can browse your options, or even easier yet just show us a picture of what you would like to have and we will use our experience to make the correct match of colors for you. (PATTERNS AND COLORS)  (MORE COLORS)

Concrete Stain

Concrete is an inherently attractive building material. It embodies the natural appeal of stone by its mass and permanence. With the addition of color variations, concrete as stone, is even more realistic. Concrete stains are an excellent choice for producing colors often found in earth and rock.

When combined with simple and creative application techniques, concrete stains allow for truly unique concrete installations, which complement a variety of hardscape designs and interior decorations. In contrast, stains are also quite useful for finishes that are more contemporary. Stains enable the innovative use of concrete for both interior and exterior construction.

At Beautiful Concrete of Texas we use both Butterfield Perma Cast stain and Legacy brand line of acid concrete stains. Both are penetrating reactive stains that chemically combine with cured concrete to produce permanent variegated coloring effects. Because there are so many variables involved in the chemical reaction process i.e. the age, porosity, texture, and color of the concrete substrate each application of the acid staining process produces unique time-worn, antiqued, or Old-World color effects in finished surfaces that  simulate the natural shadings and aged apperance of stone.

Concrete stained surfaces have become a very popular, highly decorative and innovative way to add appeal to any home, business or retail center.  The links below will take you to the concrete stain manufacturers web site. Here you can view the large pallet of colors that there are to choose from and gather some more ideas for your own project as well. 

Spray Deck

Spray Deck is a decking system generally used around pools because it is slip resistant, more comfortable and stays cooler under the feet and there are many colors that can be used. Spray Deck is a spray down texture that looks much like a splatter texture on the drywall in your home. It is a resin based system that is very durable and can be used to dress up old existing concrete as well, as an alternative to overlay stamping or resurfacing. The spray deck system cn be applied to almost any new or old concrete surface and is the perfect choice for sidewalks, driveways, garage floors, patios and swimming pool areas.

How Much Does Decorative Concrete Cost???

On large and small projects that is a question that everyone wants to know for their buget. During our sales visit we will cover your options, questions and concerns but if you would click on the links provided below it will give you a better idea of the decorative concrete industry and many other questions that you may have as well. Below are some links to one of the most recognized concrete sites the world over, the

Border Art

Medallion Stamps

Grand Ashlar Slate Stamp

Blue Stone Stamp

Large Ashlar Travertine Stamp

Flaming Sun

Appian Cobble Stone Stamp

Simulated Wood Boardwalk Stamp

Ashlar Blue Stone Stamp


Compass Rose 48"

Sandstone Stamp

Reclaimed Wood Plank

Arizona Flag Stone Stamp

Castle Stone

Garden Stone

Seamless Skin Texure Mats

​(no grout lines)

Texas Star 40"

Italian Slate Stamp

Stone Textures with Grout lines

Ashlar Roman Slate Stamp 

Old Granite Stamp


Other decorative options are also avaliable.......... ask us during your free estimate visit!!

Large Sante Fe Stamp


 Random Stone Stamp  ​