A decorative stamp overlay is just that, 1/4" thick concrete material that is placed on top of your existing concrete and then imprinted with a pattern and color to make your old concrete look new and beautiful. Also being only 1/4" thick it does not create a trip hazard nor are you even able to tell that it has been coated and in most cases is much less expensive than removing your existing and replacing with stamped concrete. The overlay material is very durable and can be molded into any pattern on the decorative options page. It can be applied indoors, outdoors, and even on driveways and garage floors or other surfaces that get alot of traffic. There are many concrete companies out there doing overlay, however take a look at the difference in the individuality of each of our jobs verses the same cookie cutter style that most companies are producing. Many of our competitive just put down the overlay and stamp a stone texture over the entire surface then come in with grinders and cut out random stone shapes then do spray or brush on coloring. Not only is this easier, faster, and cheaper...it just does not look as good or have a truly custom appearance. 

If your existing concrete has cracks running throughout, we can often eliminate the cracks during the overlay preparation process and they usually will not return. The process only takes a few days and the end result is incredible! We can overlay almost any existing concrete surface once the concrete has been prepared to accept the overlay and the cost is much less than it would be to remove and replace your existing concrete.

Spray deck, often reffered to as sun deck or cool deck, is another way you can spruce up the appearance of your existing concrete. Spray deck material is similar to that used in the overlay process, and spray deck is designed to keep the surface cooler on your feet....even in direct sunlight! There are many colors to choose from and like the overlay stamp, you can surface any area including your driveway. Doing a seperate color around the border or diamond cut decorative centers is another way to make the spray deck look stand out even more. Please ask our opinion during the consultation as to different design ideas that can be done.

Stained concrete and epoxy coatings have taken the market by storm. You see these easy to maintain floors in coffee shops, stores, schools, and now a very common place is the home. Easier to clean, allergen friendly and environmentally friendly (green), water based stains and acid-etched stained concrete makes any indoor floor or outdoor area absolutely beautiful.

On new slabs or existing concrete that is in good condition the process can be less expensive than most high end flooring. If you are doing a remodel however, replacing existing flooring or carpet we must first trowel down a micro top layer of concrete to cover any damaged concrete such as carpet pad glue, vinyl mastic, tack strip holes and tile glues. A micro top gives us a clean canvas to work with however his will add to the total cost possibly pricing it above most high end flooring. Scoring the concrete into sections such as large diagonal squares or solid borders is neat decorative option, as well as filling in the cuts with a colored grout.

Epoxy coatings have been around for a very long time. However now there are many new additives and styles that have been created in conjunction with epoxy coatings. Paint chip epoxy is nothing new, but the variety of colors and paint chip colors is now quite large. And just in is a new line of metallic epoxy!!! Wow is this stuff beautiful. There are over 20 different colors to choose from and you are able to swirl one or multiple colors together as shown in a few of the pictures below. Epoxy is a very hard and durable coating that stands up to the abuse of a garage including oil and most chemical spills. Enjoy the photos provided below and let your imagination run wild with ideas!