Beautiful Concrete of Texas has earned a growing reputation as the premier residential decorative concrete leader for the areas of Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, Magnolia, Tomball, Kingwood, Willis, and Huntsville Texas. In regards to our quality and quick job time lines we are the setting the bar high and keeping out in front of the competition. We use multiple layer coloring with integral coloring and/or broadcast coloring to bring out several hughes of complimenting colors. Just notice the difference in the detail, individuality and coloring of our projects vs. our competitior web sites that often times look less custom and more production cookie cutter style! Furthermore each picture on our website is projects we have done! 

Once the concrete is poured and begins to firm up into a solid state we use a powder or spray release across the new poured surface and imprint one or multiple patterns using concrete stamps. Concrete Stamps are thick rubber molds with a texture of the desired pattern used to imprint the look of flagstone, wood, slate or many other available patterns. After the concrete has been imprinted, we can further color in darkened borders or other designs through the process of concrete staining prior to the final wash and seal of your new concrete patio, walkway or driveway.

The process of placing and finishing decorative concrete is very tedious and there are multiple colors and coloring processes to choose from wich can be confusing when trying to achive the final result especially for the homeowner who does not do this day in and day out like we do, therefore we recomend our customers to present us with a picture of what they are envisioning so that we may get a better idea of their vision, interests and goals. From that point we can then walk you through the processes needed to achive your listed desires and turn your decorative concrete vision into a reality.

Stamped concrete can be done indoors or outdoors and unlike natural stone or pavers, concrete is one solid piece so you will never get weeds or grass pushing through cracks, un-even settling of natural flagstone, or chipping of grout lines. Stamped concrete is very low maintenence, only needing to be washed and re-sealed every 18-24 months to bring back the original luster and keep up the protection from the elements. Unlike real flagstone placed on a bed of sand or pavers over a layer of sand, decorative concrete will never have weeds and grass growing through. It will not warp or erode into an uneven surface in the next 10 years either. And is much more cost effective that any other natural stone decorative options known today.
Please enjoy the pictures we have provided to help you decide what you would like at your home or business or browse the web and bring us an idea of your own and we will put the colors and patterns together for you to achive your selection. Please contact us with your questions and we would be happy to set up a free estimate meeting with you  and talk about your vision....and help you make it a reality!

Cedar Arbor Photos

In the following block of pictures we show some cedar arbors that we have built. We build only bold and beautiful 100% cedar arbors using 6"x6" or 8"x8" posts, 2"x10" double wrapped ledgers with 2"x8" joists at 16" on center and 2"x2" stripping 4" on center at the top for maximum shade and a great look. These are considered premium options over doing a more simple 2x4 and 2x6 structure. We also do this for 15-20% less than the exact same style shown at the depot!!  

Arbors are a great way to duck the summer's hot sun rays and really make a patio into more of an outdoor living space. At Beautiful Concrete of Texas we use only the best quality wood purchased from Lucus Cedar in Willis TX, as well heavy duty fasteners so you know it will last a very very long time. There are many different stain colors you may choose to go with or stick with the beautiful natural cedar by doing a clear seal.  We would be happy to incorporate your individual design ideas into your free estimate so that the outcome is exactly what you have imagined that your patio area would be.