Our Idea of Standard is a notch above........

Beautiful Concrete of Texas provides a much higher finish quality to our standard concrete jobs that what our customers are used to seeing here in the houston texas area. If you look closley you will notice a difference in our standard concrete work verses other contractors in the area. At Beautiful Concrete of Texas we take pride in making sure that even our gray broom finished concrete sets us apart from our competitors. We have seen flatwork all around Conroe, Magnolia, The Woodlands, Spring, and all our servicing areas with boot prints, rocks showing, humps and holes, sloppy concrete spatter on the home walls and other carelessness. You will notice in our photo gallery section below that our standard broom concrete work is actually beautiful in comparison! We also do not use the wood expansion joints that are common place here..... and quite frankly in our opinion very ugly! Wood joints rot out and collect dirt and weeds as well as looking ugly many projects done this way have issues with seprate panels lifting and sinking causing trip hazards and uneven broken driveways. The common and sold misconceptions about these wood separators is that they are to control cracking, yet they are called expansion joints? There is a big difference between control joints and expansion joints.
Control joints in concrete are supposed to be placed at generally no larger that 12' maximum (and breaking the concrete slab into squares because concrete wants to be square!). Control joints in parking lots are saw cut lines in the concrete and can also be a low profile straight saw cut in residential applications as well at Beautiful Concrete of Texas we tool or saw cut joints. during or after the concrete is being poured. Our control joints look cleaner, preform better, and do not rot away. This also allows the concrete slab to be a single continuous slab with rebar reinforcement going into and connecting all panels of a driveway or patio so that ther is no seperation or lifting like we see around here when a driveway looks like its been in an earthquake! Furthermore most driveways that we have taken out and replaced either do not have any rebar reinforcement within the concrete or the rebar does not go through the existing 1x4 wood joints, leaving each panel seprate and subject to lifting or sinking next to an adjacent panel causing trip hazards and rapid break down of a concrete slab and its structural integrity.

Expansion joints are to control shrink and growth of concrete during freeze/ thaw weather. Concrete just like other materials contracts and expands during warm and cold weather. Not much however only measuring milimeters over several feet. Expansion joints need to be an elastic substance such as wood or rubber, or the use of a slip joint and are needed every 30 to 40 feet. To prevent harmful effects due to concrete movement, several expansion joints are incorporated in concrete construction, including foundations, driveways, parking lots, and paving slabs. These joints need to be carefully designed, located, and installed. The flexible expansion joints are basically designed to mitigate the flexural stresses. These stresses are produced due to the vertical movements of applications adjoining rigid foundation components, like columns or foundations. If a slab is positioned contiguously on surfaces exceeding one face, an expansion joint will be necessary to reduce stresses. For example, if a slab is located between two structures, an expansion joint is essential adjoining the face of one building.

Below are some standard concrete photos of projects we have done in the areas of The Woodlands, Conroe, Spring, Tomball, Magnolia, Willis and surrounding areas.