Yikes! How upset would you be if you paid thousands to have these results!

You can rest assured with BCOT! Beautiful Concrete of Texas does not sub contract our jobs or have sales people come sell you the project then pawn you off to a non invested crew to come install it. We do not use the terms "our contractors" or "our experts" and we do not take on more work than we can manage. Stamped concrete when done correctly truly is beautiful and will increase not only your personal enjoyment at home but also your curb appeal, resale and home value. It is more cost effective than most pave stone or stone applications and because we use steel bar reinforcement in every pour, it is much stronger than either of those options.

Already existing  patios, driveways and more can also be transformed into a decorative stamped concrete pattern by way of a 1/4" concrete overlay coating that is imprinted with the pattern and colors of your choice. The material is revolutionary, extremely durable and will preform for decades if properly maintained after being properly installed. The transformation from your old plain patio to a beautiful cobble stone or a multi-colored flagstone surface will completely change how you use your outdoor recreational area. Don't be fooled by the other guys who claim they do some type of Stone Hand Carving work... hand carving out overlay products? Ok,well it doesn't look horrible but why don't they imprint the design? Let me tell you. Hand carving is the easy and faster shortcut version requiring less skill and less material thus it costs less to install. They just trowel on an ultra thin layer of cement product, take a grinder or other tool and carve out random shapes then color them with stain. It is half the material and half the labor so do you get it for half the rate of a real stamp overlay?

Just take a look at the difference in our photo gallery and then search the others.  Is it us, or does every one of their jobs look the same with the same blurry photos? They also make the claim that it's cooler on your feet than concrete! Overlays are concrete, the only thing that makes it cooler to the touch is being a lighter color. A spray deck application is the only product that actually is much cooler because of the larger surface area that dissipates the heat.

Our overlay jobs are vividly colored and detailed through imprinting specific patterns, not carving out fake stone shapes and staining them multiple shades of color! REAL STONE OR WOOD LOOK WITH REAL NATURAL TEXTURE TO MATCH THE THEME. We offer a wide range of options for each budget and free estimates. Your new oasis of outdoor relaxation is just a phone call away, and we can usually begin your project with in just a couple weeks, finishing most within 3-5 days!

Beautiful Concrete of Texas also provides interior applications that are unique, beautiful, durable and budget friendly. And please note as in the photo below, the stamp concrete patterns can be done inside your home! Yes you can have a natural stone looking floors that are truly one of a kind! And lets be honest it is more cost effective than most flooring options on new homes with new concrete and having the job done before base trim installation. Remodels may not be the case but will be comparable.

Beautiful Concrete of Texas provides residential and commercial decorative concrete services to the areas between 1314 and 249 north of 1960. Spring, Woodlands, Tomball, Conroe, Magnolia, Montgomery, Willis, New Waverly, Hunstville.

Summers are brutal in Houston!! Time to think about a shaded retreat to relax under out of the sun's brutal heat! We also build the highest quality, 100% cedar shade arbors that have a grand bold look! Much like the ones showcased at the depot, but at 15-20% less! We can do this because we do not contract out our work, we do the work! But do not expect all of our services to be less expensive, we do truly custom work we feel is much more detailed, durable, and more beautiful than our competitors. There is no cookie cutter method of production here at Beautiful Concrete of Texas so we cannot be as cheap a those hurry up type of companies, but then again you get what you pay for and with BCOT you are getting only the very best products and results.

At Beautiful Concrete of Texas we are vigilant in finding new ways to exceed to the rising expectations of our customers, who are the foundation of our growth as a company. We realize the benefit of quality over quantity and the positive impact that makes to our growing reputation. 

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Beautiful Concrete of Texas provides top quality outdoor living spaces, interior and exterior decorative stamp overlay, structural concrete slabs, foundations, driveways, pattern and colored stamped concrete patios and more with unparalleled customer service and attention to detail. We take a hands on approach with every job, dealing with each customer's individual needs and thoughts about their project from the beginning to the final stages. With many years of not only extensive structural concrete knowledge but also decorative concrete knowledge, learned finishing techniques and inventive application processes, Beautiful Concrete of Texas delivers a more distinctively beautiful product with lasting vivid colors than what you may see in our industry. Look at the difference in our project photo's and customer testimonials and compare to the other companies in the area. The free estimate meeting  with us is a meeting between yourself and the owner of Beautiful Concrete of Texas who can answer any and all questions you have right on the spot and who also works on each project, dealing with each customer personally! You will not have to go through a sales person who is paid to pull in jobs and leaves you in the hands of a crew once the first check is cashed.

Beautiful Concrete of Texas has earned a reputation in for decorative concrete in The Woodlands. We currently run at approximately 90% decorative stamp and stamp overlay projects vs. standard concrete jobs and further more only being open just under 5 years now, we are also already running at around  30-40% referral and repeat business rate for all new projects! This is why we are the Concrete Contractor in The Woodlands.  Beautiful Concrete of Texas's method of intense hands on ownership gives us a more personal relationship with our clients, consistent referrals between social circles, and yields higher quality standards on every project. Just take a look by clicking on our testimonials tab above.
The process of creating exceptional patterned and multi-colored stamped concrete is an art. If you want to get a truly exceptional looking product you must use a truly exceptional and detail oriented contractor. There are now a few contractors and more popping up every year that offer decorative concrete in Conroe. One thing you must understand about decorative concrete is that it is a timed application transforming from a liquid state to a rock solid state in only 2-4hrs involving many coloring techniques, finishing applications and it is 100% permanent. We receive too many calls each year from homeowners that hire a discount concrete company or craigslist handy man to do their projects, ending in disaster and frustration.

Choose your contractor wisely, improperly placed by those without extensive experience & pride could cost you double or triple to repair or replace!!

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