Spray deck, often referenced to as sundeck, and cool deck is a textured decorative concrete application you often see around a pool. Spray deck material is another concrete overlay process that is simply decorative, slip resistant and the surface area stays much cooler in direct sunlight. Yes no more hopping around on hot concrete! There are many colors to choose from, it is very low maintenance as well. In fact it is the least of all exterior applications in cost and in maintenance. Because Spray deck is so inexpensive, offers a clean fresh look, takes only a few days to install and goes several years between maintenance needs it has become a popular choice for driveways walkways and patio applications as well. Borders can be added in a different color and stencils can be used to offer a pattern in the designs as well. Spray deck is an extremely durable knock down textured finish much like a drywall texture and will add beauty and uniformity to your outdoor areas. Give us a call or fill out the contact sheet and we will come to your home and give you all your stamped concrete and other decorative concrete application options and it comes with a free quote. Just ensure you reside in our service areas in and around The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Tomball, Montgomery, Magnolia, Willis and Huntsville TX.

The images below are exactly what I am referring to in my previous paragraph. Looks decent at first, horrible mistake in the end.

 We Install Truly Realistic & Beautiful  Concrete Overlay Coatings

Yes, it's a concrete overlay coating too... Spraydeck Textured Surfaces

Concrete Coating in The Woodlands, TX

A decorative concrete stamp overlay is just that, a colored concrete coating about 1/4-3/8" inch thick troweled down coating that is then imprinted with the pattern and colors of your choice. The material is revolutionary, extremely durable and will preform for decades if properly maintained after being properly installed. The transformation from your standard looking patio to a beautiful travertine, natural looking wood or other stone surface will completely change how you use your outdoor recreational area. Concrete overlay is much less expensive to revamp your surface vs. removal and replacement of the concrete you already have down and can be applied indoors as well. Take a good look at the images above and notice how natural we can get this concrete coating to mimic an actual stone or wood surface.

Don't be fooled by the other guys who claim they do some type of Stone Hand Carving work. This technique of installation has become very mainstream in in the overlay industry because it allows cost and skilled labor cust and I am seeing it everywhere. Hand carving is the easy and faster shortcut version requiring far less skill and less material thus it costs less to install. In this method they trowel on an ultra thin layer of overlay cement product then let it dry. After it has hardened they then take a grinder or other tool and carve out random shapes then color the surface of each stone a different color scheme with topical stain. This allows savings on  the material and the labor.  Not only does it not even compare to the looks I achieve as depicted in my work images above, but because they put down the raw uncolored overlay material and stained the surface it very quickly wears off leaving your "custom" job looking like a terrible mistake! 

We use integral colors mixed into each bag so the material is colored all the way through! Why do others not want to do that? Because it adds $10 per bag of mix and it requires more skill to get the color uniform and perfect realistic imprint... yep and not only that some contractors I heard are mixing an extra bag of sand in with their stamp overlay material to make the mix go further making more profits for them and more problems for you.