Paint Chip Epoxy

Interior Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Staining... Tough & Beautiful!

Epoxy floor coatings and concrete staining has taken the markets by storm. These when done properly and with the correct durable top protective clear coating, are easy to maintain and hold up to the heaviest of traffic. Commonly found in shops, churches, schools and hospitals these seamless applications are easy to clean, allergen friendly and makes any indoor floor absolutely astonishing. Epoxy floor coatings have been around for a quite a long time. However now there are newer and better technologies and additives that have added to the available styles from which you can choose. Then newest craze and one of the coolest looks is metallic flake epoxy. With over 20 colors to choose from and the ability to mix and swirl multiple colors together the epoxy flooring world has changed forever. Epoxy once only thought of as a garage coating has become one of the most popular of flooring choices. In the past several years we have done hundreds of thousands of square feet of metallic epoxy applications and we have tested many different product brands. We know the secrets of a successful application, and our final clear coating is so tough you will have a hard time getting it to scratch at all!!

Epoxy floor coatings as well as concrete stains if done improperly (and most are) can be terrible to live with. I get many calls a year from homeowners and businesses asking me if I can come view (fix) or a (re-seal) and interior epoxy application. Even if it is an interior staining job I still refer to it as and epoxy coating because that is what is supposed to go on top of the staining for wear and longevity and then a final clear coat on top of the epoxy that is scratch resistant. Problem #1 I find  is that epoxy was not used nor followed up with a scratch resistant clear coating. Instead the installer used a standard concrete sealer. 99% of all calls I get end up being this problem. Epoxy will not bond to a standard sealer nor will any other materials except another coat of standard concrete sealer so there is absolutely nothing that can be done to correct this situation.

Interior floors are supposed to be installed just once! They should be 100% issue free and durable. If your getting your interior floors quotes for way less than a high end tile your contractor is either not knowledgeable or cutting corners and your floor will not preform very long or look good in a very short amount of time. My Knowledge is for your benefit. Give us a call if you want an experienced team providing you with a sexy and durable surface with a warranty of the work.