Yikes! How upset would you be if you paid thousands to have these results!

You can rest assured with BCOT! Beautiful Concrete of Texas does not have commission sales people to come sell you the project then pawn you off to a non invested crew you cannot hardly communicate with. We do not cut corners to save costs and we do not space your project out while starting other projects at the some time to bring in more revenue. We treat all concrete work and especially stamped concrete patios and decorative concrete driveways with the personal and precise attention they require and when this is done correctly the results are stunningly beautiful and will increase not only your personal enjoyment at home but also your curb appeal, resale and home value as well as our growing list of satisfied clients who will refer our business time and time again.

Choose your contractor wisely, improperly placed by those without extensive experience & pride could cost you double or triple to repair or replace!!
Below are some very scary example of jobs that i have been called out to for fixing.. you can't fix this!

New Concrete Placement, ToYour Liking

Experienced Trusted and Proven-

Beautiful Concrete of Texas has earned a local reputation as a premier standard & decorative concrete placement contractor for the areas of Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, Magnoila, Tomball, Kingwood, Willis, and Huntsville Texas. Large and small projects alike, we are on the cutting edge of decorative concrete installations. Our quality, communication, and care for your property is setting the bar high and keeping us out in front of the competition. Decorative concrete is what we love. Applying years of learned skills and techniques for a more crisp imprint & often using multiple colors in layers to achieve complimetary finishes to whatever hardscape or home styles you may have. Stamped concrete driveways, patios or even simple standard broom finished concrete pours that we complete,  it is clear to see we take much pride in each project and are operating at a notch above the competition.

Are you building a new home or maybe just adding another space to enjoy for recreation or parking? Compare our work with other concrete contractors before you make that final decision.  Below you will find a gallery of some of our past projects both in standard concrete, stamped concrete and even a mix of the two adding decorative concrete flare to your new concrete. We can make standard concrete more attractive than our competition by doing simple things such as not using wood expansion joints that splinter and rot. Removing the picture frame edging for a smoother look and tooling in crack control joints to make borders, diagonal sections, circles etc. In this area many contractor refer the wood joint material separating the concrete sections of your driveway as expansion joint. This is completely false. The reason you break up large sections of concrete such as an entire driveway or large patio is to control random cracking in the concrete. Hence the correct term for this is called a "control joint". It creates a weak spot similar to scoring a piece of glass to get it to snap at the cut...well this encourages the concrete to crack down in the control joint so that you do not see it. And without wood holding moisture and eventually rotting away you are not going to get any weed or water flowing down and expanding your soils below the concrete! Whether you want a decorative experience or just a longer lasting and good looking standard concrete area call us today!

Quality, performance & longevity of your new investment into a concrete area is not to be taken lightly, concrete placement and finishing is not an unskilled craft. A bad job can leave you frustrated and at a loss. The process of creating exceptional looking and long lasting concrete, patterned and multi-colored stamped concrete is an art. If you want to get a truly exceptional looking product you must use a truly exceptional and detail oriented & highly experienced concrete contractor. With the booming economy here there are now a many new concrete contractors popping up every year that offer concrete services in our neighborhoods. One thing you must understand about both standard and decorative concrete is that it is a timed application transforming from a liquid state to a rock solid state in only 2-4 hrs involving many coloring techniques, finishing applications and it is 100% permanent. From the ground prep work to the type ofand the techniques used when it is placed there is a proper way to do this work.  We receive many calls every year from homeowners that hired  FB marketplace concrete guys or Craigslist types to do their projects, or maybe just going with the least expensive bids and often ending in non-fixable disasters. Don't be fooled, ask tough detailed questions about the process, compare their application processes to other companies, be confident in your choice of contractor because concrete is permanent and fixes are very expensive if able to be done at all!

A Gallery of Some of Our Exceptional Concrete Work